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Brochure Designing

What is Brochure Design?


When it comes to representing your businesses in very successful, graceful & professional manner then brochures play important role. Brochures are basically the ideal tool that makes a strong impact to represent your business in very proper & efficient manner.
Brochures are also be defined as a pamphlets, leaflets or flyers which are utilized to represent the explanation regarding a product and services. Brochures are considered as advertising tool that helps the companies to show the some of the important information manner regarding their offerings in very eye catching & attractive manner. Some of the most important elements in the brochure designing are the cover of the brochure, fonts & colors, images, folds of the brochures etc.

Brochure Designing

What Codewitty offers?

Codewitty is happy to introduce the brochure design services. Codewitty provides creative brochure designs that are attractive & top quality. At Codewitty, you will find all types of solutions for the brochure designing & marketing from the initial start of the design to the final printing. Our approach towards brochure designing revolves around your product & services that you offer & how your product & services are present in brochures in very eye catching manner so that your customers will gain your trust more than your competitors. We offer the various types of brochures such as company profile brochures, Sales brochures, Product catalogue, Datasheets, Event brochures, Menu, Form, Pamphlet etc. We also offer the very attractive e-Brochures.

Types of brochures

Gate Fold Brochure

Best Used For: Graphically-heavy designs

Tri-Fold Brochure

Best Used For: Compact pieces that are easy to read and unfold

Bi-Fold Brochure

Best Used For: Simple business presentations

Leaflets or Flyers

Best Used For: Promotional presentation

Folders and Insert Brochure

Best Used For: Promotional booklets

Z-Fold Brochure

Best Used For: Mailing and quick glance handouts

Product Catalogue

Best Used For: Product showcase & list of product

Half Fold Brochure

Best Used For: Simple business presentations

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