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What is Local SEO?

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What is Local SEO?

If you are operating a business which is limited to only local public it is only logical to showcase your business to only local public. For example if you have a local hardware store in south Mumbai and you cater to only south Mumbai public then it is very illogical to show case your business in north Mumbai zone. This is where a local SEO concept comes in handy, this technique is very useful to advertise your business to local audiences. asc

Different modes used for Local SEO.

Different channels used for local seo are local directories, search engines, social media platforms, review sites, etc.

Social media platforms have proven out to be one of the best platforms for local seo as with their paid advertising campaigns, it is possible reach the potential audiences for local businesses. These paid listings are shown in premium locations or to only the tailored audience as the business desires.

Mobiles have become a common necessity in everyone’s life in today’s world. We all use mobile to find the closest shop for our requirement and this has growing number. So it has become very essential for businesses to target audience on mobile devices due to various reasons.

How could you take advantage of Local SEO?

So how could a business take advantage of this growing opportunity of mobile friendly market. Well, here are few tips:

  • Of course the the first is for a business to have atleast a website and this website is listed on search engines, local directories and social media platforms.
  • Make sure to that your website is responsive (that is the website looks good on desktop as well as mobiles)
  • List working hours of your business.
  • Make sure to have list proper contact information on your website.
  • Take advantage of GPS. (embed a map on website which will direct your customer to your store).

Go mobile..

Another option for you is to build a mobile application for your business, these apps can have amazing capabilities like:

  • It could allow customers to schedule an appointment with you
  • Write an FAQ (so users can get easily access commonly asked questions)
  • Or even order online…. Why Not?
  • Applications can send reminders about upcoming events taking place at the store
  • And many more features which could be brainstormed according to your business

Most important is to make sure your audience should find you on any device and make sure they have a wonderful experience.


Search Engines will rank your website or application according to its relevance for the keyword that is searched. So in that regard, it is advisable to upload photos, videos, blogs to your website which will attract your audiences to your website. Blogs are rated very high by search engines; you write about your products, how-to articles, product demontrations / installation instructions, etc. By doing this you are giving your customer a small insight into your business and it also makes their life easy.

As you add more local information to your website and when search engines recognize its relevance to local audience your website will automatically go up in local listing.

In all this processs make sure to use local offering of the search engines like Google My Business, Yahoo Local & Bing Local. This helps the search engines know you better and will also help your rankings.

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